27 Replies to “Fortnite Season X event – The End

  1. I remember when I got bored of Fortnite when Season X arrived, my friend said that apparently they might bring out a new map next season I just thought nah that ain't gonna happen, I got bored and didn't play season X. I hate to say that I was wrong, I don't realise how much I loved the old map until it is actually gone…

  2. Guys You know about the seven I think at least one or all of them died lemme explain

    So you know how there was one rocket that was a trooper and weakened the barrier yeah he probably died and the others might of not been able to get away lol
    If they were in the rocket that is

  3. I donโ€™t even have any memory of this anymore I canโ€™t remember the map or the skins anymore. Iโ€™ve been playing since season 2 but I donโ€™t remember anything.

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