How To Get Machine Gun In GTA San Andreas (Beginning Of The Game)

How To Get Machine Gun In GTA San Andreas PC (Beginning Of The Game)

Hey wassup guyz in this video im gonna show you three different location of machine/minigun in gta sanandreas in the very beginning of the game without using any cheat code…

1st Location : Inside Area 69 – 6:00
2nd Location : Inside Parking – 8:52
3rd Location : Top Of The Construction Building – 11:17

And yes if you guyz have a request to make any video be sure to leave your comments below or ask me on Instagram or…

45 Replies to “How To Get Machine Gun In GTA San Andreas (Beginning Of The Game)

  1. Damn everybody are commenting on SAN FIERO bridge machine gun…guys i already know there is one more machine gun but as you guys have seen in my video i did'nt use any cheat code and due to video length i did'nt want show you how to get jet pack and go to that bridge….im so sorry for my mistake but you guys can go to that bridge to get that machine gun..Thanks for watching and your all love and guys are awesome?

  2. Hey use HESOYAM
    for health&armour if on vehicle it will be repaired and your cash will also increase
    use FULLCLIP for unlimmited ammo
    use AEZAKMI for never wanted
    n u can also use BAGUVIX for unlimmited health

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